The Online Casino UK Market During 2020

The UK online casino market is one of the biggest gambling markets around the globe. As a result, many of the most famous online casinos are based within the UK. Although it is often seen as one of the strictest markets in terms of regulations, it is also deemed the safest. So, if you’re looking for the best casino en ligne serieux (serious online casino), the UK may be the best place to play. However, changes in the regulations of the market have made it difficult for some casinos to operate, especially with the last year.

With the past year proving difficult for everyone, thanks to the pandemic, it has added a lot of extra pressure onto casinos. With many new regulation changes that have had a devastating impact on the market, along with the pandemic. It is a surprise that the industry has managed to survive the year. However, one thing has shown through and that is how the market has shifted. This shift has offered the insight that online casino play has boosted in popularity. This is not surprising as online casino UK platforms were one of the only entertainment services still running during the lockdowns. Plus, casinos like All Slots Casino offer 123 Free Spins for $1 deposit. Such offers and discounts are bound to attract gamblers easily.

It is this new surge into online casinos like that has helped manage keep the industry going through this tough time. However, everyone is unsure of what the future holds for the market.

What the Coming Year Holds for The Market

With much of the UK being driven into lockdown, this meant an end to much of the entertainment that was offered for players. However, one thing that pleased online casino UK players is that they were able to carry on playing during the time. As many of the staff at casinos being ordered to stay at home, the market for physical casinos and betting venues diminished. However, many of the staff at their online counterparts were also made to stay at home. As a result, this meant that many UK casinos could not survive the times. A sure sign of dire times for the market.

This is not the only change to have a huge impact on the market. As a result, the Gambling Commission have recent imposed some restrictions that have added yet more strain on the market. A recent ban on credit cards being issued has resulted in a fall in numbers across many brands. This is not the end of the stresses the market has to face, with recent talks of further proposed bans coming into force. These new regulations will see an end to many great casino brands we have grown to know. Another recent rule change that has caused a stir in the market is the rise in the minimum age for things like lottery and scratch cards. This comes hand in hand with requirements to improve age-verification standards at all betting platforms, including online casinos.

Head of Grosvenor Casino Speaks Out

With lockdown restrictions easing across the country, the government is allowing many businesses to open. However, not every business is allowed to open. As a result, the head of a popular online casino has spoken out against the government’s handling of this time. Although the online side of the business has been allowed to carry on, the physical side has not. Although many efforts have been made to make all premises, including casino staff covid safe. Even having the okay from deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam regarding the premises covid-safe. They have still not been allowed to open.

It is this decision that has come under fire from the head of Grosvenor Casino. He has slammed the government saying that they are risking the health of the whole gambling industry. Warning that they and many other casinos will go out of business if they are not allowed to open. Claiming that this is a ‘Moral Judgement’ that the government is taking. Also claiming that this is a ‘targeted attack’ on the industry, therefore, being made to stay closed while other industries begin opening. With the head also claiming that there is no evidence to show the casinos are not covid-safe. If the casinos re-open this would allow the staff at the casinos to return to work. As a result, the online side of the business will get some necessary updates.

With the casino also being head of the Mecca bingo empire, this decision will not only affect the online and physical casinos but the bingo they offer. With their halls offering food and drinks as well as bingo entertainment, they should have been allowed to open when pubs did. However, they were not, clarifying to the casino head that the government was targeting the industry. However, with more than 7,500 jobs at stake just in Mecca bingo alone. The hope is that the government will listen to the businesses pleas.

Our Conclusion

With the hope that the government listens to the casino owners plea, as it is predicted that there could be over 10,000 jobs at stake. This number reflects his casino business and does not include the numbers across the industry if it is allowed to fail. It is predicted that should this be allowed to happen. It would be devastating for high streets and online casinos alike. As a result, it is impossible to determine what the future might hold for the market. However, one thing has been said is casinos cannot continue opening and closing as they are. At the moment, any news to come from the gambling market is highly anticipated.

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