What Credit Card Processors are Doing for Companies Who Supply Hemp-Based CBD

Research has revealed that if you are a company that deals in hemp-based CBD products, then you can have a credit card processor support you with a special merchant account that is related to your type of business. The company that we have found is Easy Pay Direct, which supplies portable credit card terminals to retail, restaurants, and other outlets. They can be found at https://www.easypaydirect.com/cbd-hemp-online-merchant-accounts/.


Easy Pay Direct will support hemp-based CBD providers by offering a US CBD merchant account that receives next-day funding and requires only 7 days to approve. This will help start-ups. Also, existing businesses can benefit by getting on board with a facility that allows for credit card payments to be processed efficiently and competitively.

Products Accepted

So, when you have this specially designed merchant account with Easy Pay Direct, you will be allowed to sell CBD and other products together on the same site. The only requirement is that the CBD is hemp-based. This means that the CBD must come from hemp rather than marijuana to qualify.

CBD is obtainable in most regions of the US. All 50 of its states have laws that make CBD legal to varying degrees, so it is for suppliers to check on the legalities. There is no doubt that CBD has been proven to have health benefits for those that take it. For instance, one survey concluded that 60% take it to help with anxiety. It is also known to help with epilepsy and reducing the number and severity of fits. Chronic pain and insomnia sufferers have reported benefits too. This means that there is a significant market for the product that can be tapped into, with the processing of orders made all the easier when online trading is well managed by a credit card processor that is in touch with the product.

Competitive Rates

As a company, Easy Pay Direct is committed to providing the kinds of competitive rates that will attract start-up businesses to enter the CBD market. These deals in the main are not necessarily possible elsewhere. The current rates for Easy Pay Direct are specified on their website. There will be a monthly fee and then a low percentage per transaction to factor into sales prices. There is no doubt, though, that many of the payments received will be by credit card, so a business attempting to operate without a credit card facility will likely reduce its number of sales. Paying for something needs to be convenient and fit in with the ways people are used to and comfortable with.


Again, referring you to the website for Easy Pay Direct, through the link mentioned above, it is on the site that you will see recommendations for the service. There is nothing like listening to others who have had the opportunity to use the credit card facility being able to tell you just how it was for them and how it works. Nobody can, of course, know until they are using something for themselves, but it gives you a very good idea of what to expect and how beneficial it can be for your business. Company growth is key to developing a business and so we should do everything possible to increase our customer bases. This means not just continuing to attract new customers but keeping the existing and loyal ones. By providing a robust credit card facility that works well, you will impress those customers enough to return to your website to order more products.

The above then explains just what credit card processors, specifically Easy Pay Direct, are doing for CBD sellers. They are offering support for the product, competitive rates for transactions, and have attached to their reputations lots of recommendations that demonstrate just why more and more from this industry, in particular start-ups, are choosing to go with Easy Pay Direct and have their credit transactions successfully managed. Credit card payments are a necessity in business these days, with consumers, particularly online ones, looking for convenient and secure ways to pay.      

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