My Finance Journey

The financial journey of my life has been full of ups and downs and can be termed as a roller coaster ride. Throughout my career, I have made huge mistakes which have cost me a fortune. However, with the help of my expertise and experience, I have been able to take advantage of various market fluctuations. I would not like to boast around, but my financial knowledge has helped me become a millionaire.  If I look at things today, there is still a lot to be learned, but I hope my course to success will help you a lot.

Starting with the nitty-gritty part of the story, I was not always the so-called financial guru I am today. In reality, I was more concerned about making ends meet as coming from a city neighborhood did not teach about making it big. I hailed from a lower middle-class family and was intrigued by making money.

Before doing anything else, I started distributing newspapers and working in small time cafes to get some financial edge over my then friends.  Although, I always had cash in my pocket yet it was nothing compared to what rich kids were dealing with. This insecurity and humiliation pushed me to access more sources of making money.

My journey of learning serious aspects of money management started in my school where one of my teachers used to provide me with free classes of our country’s economics. It was then, and there I realized my knack for economics as a whole.  I was more interested in knowing about the stock market rather than any other subject.

The process of me understanding about the corporate circle was my first introduction to stocks and mutual funds.  I was a self-proclaimed expert in the business world not knowing that I was nothing in reality. After my high school, I had no option to look forward to a job to sustain my life. I started working in the local McDonald’s with a second job in the nearby gas station.

But, the ambition of becoming rich did not stop and prevented me from settling down.  I started saving my incomes and invested them in the few stocks I knew about. Initially, I was not getting handsome returns, nor I suffered a substantial loss.  Apart from knowing that stock markets do not satisfy short term plans, I was eager to make it big as soon as possible.

Thus, I persuaded my boss at the fast-food chain to give me a decent sum of $10,000.  Although he provided me the money yet, he wanted all of the returns. He concluded that his landings would work as a kick start for my broker business.  I accepted his proposal and was able to return his money with a handsome return of 5 percent.

My boss was delighted with my performance and gave me another stack of cash to invest. But this time I bargained the deal and refused to give away all the profits. I was not permitted to become a professional broker and only had the option of investing on my own.  

After that point in time, many people came up to me investment advice and gave their money for investment. With time, I became a well-known name in the local investment scene.  My skills were able to provide with a new home, a decent car and some good contacts.

Anyhow, I also lost all my belongings in the 2008 financial crisis. It was a hard time, and I also suffered a broken marriage.  Poverty was nothing new to me, and I was able to cash in all my contacts and skills to rebuild my image.

Eventually, I made some profits as the market started regaining its strength.  After ten years of the great loss, I am well equipped with everything I had before. I believe that my failures taught me a lot more about the market and the people investing in it.

Being a well to do person I am investing more than ever in stocks, mutual funds, start-ups and what not.  I advise you to have patience and wait for your opportunity to score. The stock market is a complex animal and cannot be tamed however you can use it for personal benefits.