Should I Buy Ethereum Now?

We are going to look at the performance of Ethereum, provide some data around highs and lows, as well as review the best brokerages from where you can purchase cryptocurrency assets. It is smart to understand cryptocurrency basics, the highly-coveted Ethereum Blockchain, and Ethereum before investing in ETH, or any crypto for that matter.

Looking long-term

It might seem a bit outrageous entertaining long-term views, such as the eth price prediction 2030 seemingly has in store, but that’s where you have to look if you’re to master your short- to mid-term crypto trading and investment strategy. This is especially true when it comes to ethereum.

Exposure to the OGs of cryptos

Along with digital gold bitcoin (BTC 0.62%), Ethereum should be one of the first names that come to mind when investing in crypto names with a long term future. ETH can potentially earn you plenty if it is successful over time, but cryptocurrencies are risky investments too. Cryptocurrency, particularly ETH, which is the #2 cryptocurrency right now according to Coin Market Cap, can be an appropriate buy-and-hold investment, as Cryptocurrency has the potential to deliver return on investment (ROI) for longer periods of time because it has higher volatility than traditional assets.

Expert weigh-ins

Forrest Przybysz, Senior Crypto Investment Analyst at Token Metrics believes that this year, Ethereum will overtake the Bitcoin (BTC) market cap as ETHs shift towards PoS will make it an even better store of value. Ethereum Price Prediction 2026 shows ETH will trade in a range between $3,257 and $3,934, with the former being the lowest possible price and the latter being the highest possible price in 2026. Since there is no guarantee any cryptos value will rise, experts recommend that you should never invest more than 5% of your portfolio into cryptos. While some think that the price of Ethereum will break through $100,000 within 10 years, others point out they will be satisfied if Ethereum can only hit $5,000-$7,000. At time of writing (15th of December), several prediction sites predicted Ethereum might go up to $7000 by 2022, and a few investment bank analysts saw potential to go even higher.

How it has since played-out

The best and most trusted prediction platforms further stated that according to their predictions, an uptick in Ethereums price is expected over the next few years, making it a reliable long-term choice. Investment bank Standard Chartered issued long-term price targets for Ethereum projects in September ranging from $26,000-$35,000, as well as a price rise for the ETH/BTC pair up to 0.161, bringing the market cap of Ethereum up with Bitcoin. Almost all of Ethereum’s network holders who have been invested for the long-term (2+ years) will now have a profit, the only exception being those who invested just as the peak in 2018.

So, if you invested $1,000, it would result in an Ether portfolio of $4.1M in the beginning of 2022. Even if you are able to tick all these boxes, it is important to diversify your portfolio, so only part of your investments should be into Ethereum and other cryptos. It is also highly recommended that you invest in cryptos such as Ethereum in a regulated platform like eToro.

So what about right now? Since you have the ability to buy eth with debit card payments, it’s something you should definitely consider in anticipation of what’s to come (an up-tick).

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