Those who know about my finance journey have a clue about what I have been doing in life. For those who are new to the website, this write-up will reveal much more about me. I will try to keep it as simple as including complex situations in articles is not my cup of tea.  I believe that simplicity is better than confusing people as it allows them to relate to almost everything I write.

Coming back to myself, it can be easily defined as a dramatic movie of a person gaining, losing and regaining his fortunes. Although, my journey is full of ebb and flows yet it has made me a wiser and more tolerant person.  Today, I know that I am a small piece of this world and everything does not happen as per my command. The realization of not being the center of the world has been essential to make bold decisions and keep calm as the stock market takes unconventional leaps and bounds.

Moreover, coming from a lower middle-class background, I know the value of every penny I have gained and lost. Thus, I was never afraid of taking higher risks as I had been through everything a person would disdain.  It is my humble belief that we are always guided in the right direction however our decisions tend to change the path towards the eventual goal. Throughout my career as a professional investor, I have made big blunders that have shattered myself trust almost every time.

I am a survivor from the 2008 market crash that cost me my fortune and a disheartening separation from my wife.  The time can be penned off for the sheer number of atrocities it came with for which I was not ready. Not only it damaged my image of a successful investor but also harmed every contact I had in the industry.

Day in and day out, I used all my skills to get out of the misery, but the trouble was too big to be handled by a single person. Luckily, the market regained its pace with time, and people shoved the fear of losing their money again. I want to use the platform for thanking our government that made things easy for us. As every day was under dreadful circumstances, I was to move with my journey.

Today, I am a millionaire with significant investments in few of the most significant public companies on the board. My success has been the result of smart decisions, resilience and not losing any opportunity I came across. The best advice I can give my readers is to believe in their instincts backed by systematic computation of the probabilities.  There is no harm in having casual gains due to, but you will have to get logical to maintain the growth.

Talking about the website, it is one of those dreams I wanted to fulfill from a long time. After the internet rocketed towards mass appeal, I wanted to have my online portal.  Living in the information age the most significant power we can wish for is knowledge. Having an immense experience about the stock market and overall business ethics I had the chance to share my wisdom with millions.

I took off from productive investments for two months to develop the idea of this website.  I was also lucky to meet the sharpest minds in the tech industry who have aided me building this site. Since its inception, the portal has been able to gain traction at a slow but steady rate. I can confirm that every reader is authentic and has connected with us due to the quality articles we serve.

As of now, the website is performing better than ever with more users than ever.  With time our developers have made it more users friendly while keeping care about not losing any factual information.

I would also like to congratulate readers who have blessed us with their suggestions and criticism. It has helped us to create a better and more refined product. As the owner of this website, I am humbled and hopeful apart from being passionate and resilient about pushing this website as the best humanity has ever seen.

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