Why Financial Industry Professionals Limit Their Gambling

Despite the popular belief that with enough practice, anyone can count cards in blackjack; you don’t have to be a genius, and although it’s called “card counting,” you don’t remember which cards you played. Being able to use your brain and remember to count active poker cards is just a smart way to play. Card counting is a long-term strategy, and to maintain a 1% lead, you need to play game after game, keeping track of which cards are dealt quickly and put on the table.

If you change your strategy and learn to increase your bets based on the current account, your edge will be greater. When practicing at home, you can start with a simpler spread where you increase your bets by one unit every time your real account increases. Once you have memorized the meanings of each blackjack playing card, you can try practicing Hi-Lo counting.

The Zen Count system is another balanced system in which the score drops to 0 after all cards are dealt. The system is obviously not balanced, as eventually, after all the cards are dealt, the final score will not be 0. This essentially renders the score useless, and the only game that can be made is to choose between standing/hitting 16. Simply put, “card counting” simply means counting certain cards while the dealer burns the deck.

Backcounting, also known as “Wonging”, is where you stand at a blackjack table where other players are playing and count the cards as they are dealt. In most card counting methods, the player simply identifies two sets of cards, the so-called “good cards” and “bad cards”, and uses a system to judge if there are more good cards than bad cards left. Each strategy revolves around scoring as they are dealt. In blackjack teams with big players, several card counters called “spotters” are sent to the tables around the casino, where the card counters’ responsibility is to keep track of the score and report to the top player when the count indicates a player’s advantage.

The generation is possible because card counters increase their bets on positive counts when they have an advantage, and decrease their bets on negative counts when the advantage swings towards the house. Jersey Shore casinos attempt to prevent the blackjack player from counting cards using eight-deck decks, shuffling cards at will to counteract betting variance, and ordering dealers to move the cut card closer to the top of the deck. Counting isn’t technically illegal, Nevada bar counter casinos don’t play blackjack and forbid them from playing games.

However, the rules of blackjack are quite simple, so you can get close to breaking even in blackjack if you use the perfect strategy yourself, but when you add a score, you can get an edge.

So basically what it comes down to is that professionals who work in the financial sector have a good grounding on the theory behind financial systems, including gambling. They also understand that it takes a colossal effort to engage in gambling-industry tricks and tactics like card-counting, while it’s much easier to just continue making a killing in the conventional financial sector.

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